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Visits & Events
The Making of a Book

Best for: large or small groups

What is it like to be an author? In this presentation, I'll talk about finding inspiration and my writing journey, read from my books, and facilitate an interactive Q&A.

[Length: 45 minutes]

The Making of a Poem

Best for: small groups (30 or fewer)

In this interactive workshop, I will lead students through the art of poetry. I'll share my poetry practice (including typewriter poetry), and we'll explore the elements of poetry by looking at master texts. Best of all, students will write and share an original poem.

[Length: 60-90 minutes]

The Making of a Naturalist

Best for: small groups (30 or fewer)

What does it take to write about nature? In this interactive STEM-focused workshop, we'll explore our five senses, tap into our curiosity, and discuss the importance of research. I'll also briefly talk about my journey into nature writing. This is an interdisciplinary workshop that requires a natural space outdoors.

[Length: 60 minutes]

Book-Specific Presentation

Best for: large or small groups

What makes the wind blow? How are sea wolves unique? In this STEM-focused presentation, students will discover the science behind the book of your choosing. I will also read from my book and facilitate an interactive Q&A.

[Length: 60 minutes]

School Events

I love visiting schools! As a former teacher, my presentations and workshops are tailored to your specific age group and can be booked individually or combined. I am also available for virtual visits. Use the link at the bottom of the page to request a school visit.

Full day program: $1,500 + travel expenses*

Includes lunch with students, mix and match sessions from the options to the right (for up to 4 total), and optional book signing.


*Local events in Fort Collins and northern Colorado are discounted.

Typewriter Poetry Events

Best for: weddings, charity & corporate events, staff parties, art shows, and more.


Typewriter poetry is an act of creation focused on collaboration and intuition. When a guest gives a topic, and I write them an original poem in the moment, it is a sharing of time and presence. The sound bath that results from an antique typewriter piques curiosity and amusement throughout an event. My 1930's Kelly-green portable Remington typewriter is a literal piece of the past brought into the present. The guests then take their poems with them, a tangible reminder of your event.

Learn more at Typewriter Rodeo.


Quote available upon request.

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